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Psychotherapy for Healing & Growth
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Jungian Approach to Dreamwork
Based on the psychological theories of Carl Jung, Jungian dreamwork is a deep, rich, and powerful approach that explores the symbolic and emotional content of dreams.  Careful attention and work with dreams can help provide direction and guidance in working through tough emotional material - it can help make us more conscious of what was once unconscious, move us to take important action, take the charge out of what was once was once too threatening to look at head-on, and support continued emotional growth. In this  way, it helps the dreamer tap into the wisdom inherent in their own psyche.  

The way I approach dreamwork does not aim to find a single, objective, correct explanation or interpretation of the dream.  Instead, a dream is viewed as presenting multiple layers and dimensions of meaning, each of which may 'speak' differently to the dreamer at different times of his/her life.  In Jungian dreamwork, personal associations of the dreamer as well as the amplification of images, symbols, and themes from mythology, folklore, fairy tales, or archetypal symbolism might be explored, taking whatever resonates or connects with the dreamer as fodder in their personal work.  Dreamwork often involves further exploration of the dream through active imagination using art, journaling, or sandplay.