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Psychotherapy for Healing & Growth

Phone and Fax:  800.665.4906
Your calls are important to me and I check my messages regularly.  I  will be glad to return your call as promptly as possible during working hours.  Please leave your name, a telephone number at which I can return your call along with some time frames at which I can best reach you.  Please also note that my business number will not receive text messages.
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Please be aware that the security of any information (including protected health information) exchanged in unencrypted email cannot be guaranteed.  Therefore, please be brief and discreet with the information that you provide in email and also provide a phone number that I may use if I need to contact you directly.  If you send or request information by email, you acknowledge that you are accepting the risk.
Office Location: 1890 Gaylord Street, Denver, CO  80206
My office is located in the City Park West neighborhood.  While easily accessible from most of the Denver Metro areas, it is particularly nearby to the Uptown, Congress Park, Park Hill, Cheeseman Park, and Capital Hill areas.   

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  PO Box 181337, Denver, CO  80218

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